• Airplane iconCUSD Educational Pilot Programs

    Are you looking to pilot new curricular materials in your classroom or school? Educational Pilot Programs are a great way to bring innovation to CUSD!

    Because materials used in pilot programs may be difficult to support with our existing infrastructure, CUSD employees are required to complete a CUSD Educational Pilot Program Request form if they are interested in conducting an educational pilot. The information you provide on this form will be forwarded for review to each department that may be required to support your pilot program.

    If your pilot may involve the purchase of new technology, please refer to the Pre-Approved Device List before applying for the grant. This will ensure that any technology utilized in the grant is compatible with our network and Acceptable Use Policy, as well as CIPA, COPPA, or other legal requirements. If the device(s) you need to use is not on the approved device list, be sure to mention it in your request.