• Our Governing Board

    CUSD Governing Board

    The five CUSD Governing Board members are elected by the voters of the Chandler Unified School District.  They work to maintain high levels of excellence in education.
    By law, the Governing Board sets all district policies and has final authority over all school district business. The Chandler Unified School District Policy Manual may be viewed at the district office or by clicking here. (Click on the link labeled "Enter Public Site" and then on the tab labeled "Policies.")
    The budget for the Chandler Unified School District may be viewed by clicking here: Arizona Department of Education Website. (Select "Chandler Unified District" from the drop-down menu, and click to submit.)
    Chandler Unified School District will post all notices of the Governing Board meeting agendas on this website (see meeting agenda located on the left) and on the bulletin board outside of the main entrance to the district office located at 1525 W. Frye Road, Chandler, AZ 85224. 

Contact the Governing Board
Annette Auxier Email Annette AuxierAnnette Auxier  President
Karen McGee Email Karen McGeeKaren McGee  Vice President
David Evans Email David EvansDavid Evans  
Barb Mozdzen Email Barb MozdzenBarb Mozdzen  
Bob Rice Email Bob RiceBob Rice  

  • The Chandler Unified School District Governing Board

    Serving on a school district governing board is a rewarding job with enormous responsibility. Governing board members are elected, unpaid volunteers who have a passion for the public education system, are willing to invest enormous time and energy into learning about issues that affect our schools, and are committed to providing the best education for our students.

    Successful board members possess a sincere desire to serve the community, communicate and collaborate effectively with others, and demonstrate respect for diverse perspectives. They attend board meetings and engage in related board work, bringing their experience to bear while also striving to become knowledgeable on a multitude of complex matters involving policies, finance and curriculum. Effective school governing boards work hard to cultivate positive relationships among all stakeholders and plan wisely to shape the future.

    Meet our Governing Board Members...
  • Annette Auxier
    About Annette Auxier...

    Annette Auxier, our current board president and longest serving board member, was elected to the Chandler Unified School District Governing Board in 1998 and re-elected in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. Her term expires in December 2018. Annette’s children attended CUSD schools and graduated from Chandler High. Her grandchildren currently attend CTA Goodman, where Annette is active in the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) and can often be found either volunteering in classrooms or assisting with the school’s Art Masterpiece program. Annette can be reached by email at auxier.annette@cusd80.com or by phone at 480-786-3544.

  • Karen McGee

    About Karen McGee...

    Karen McGee, our current board vice president, was appointed to the Chandler Unified School District Governing Board on July 26, 2010, elected in November 2010 and re-elected in 2012 and 2016. She previously served as president in 2015. Her term expires December 2020. Karen is a retired bank vice president whose children attended Santan Junior High, two sons graduated from Hamilton High, and daughter graduated from Perry High. She has served for a number of years on several boards, including for the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA and the Chandler Education Foundation (CEF).  Karen can be reached by email at mcgee.karen@cusd80.com or by phone at 480-812-7600.

  • David Evans
    About David Evans...

    David Evans was elected to the Chandler Unified School District Governing Board in November 2004 and re-elected in 2008, 2012 and 2016. His term expires December 2020. David’s investment advisory firm helps non-profits manage Charitable and Planned Giving programs for families who might want to remember a loved one. David’s son attended Tarwater Elementary, Bogle Junior High and Chandler High. He can be reached by email at evans.david@cusd80.com or by phone at 480-269-2688.

  • Barb Mozdzen
    About Barb Mozdzen...

    Barb Mozdzen was elected to the Governing Board in 2008 and re-elected in 2012 and 2016. Her term expires December 2020. Barb has served on several non-profits' boards of directors, volunteered for the Chandler Education Foundation, and is a retired legal assistant. Her children attended Shumway and Sanborn Elementary (where, as a member of the PTO, she tirelessly supported the Art Masterpiece program), Andersen and Willis Junior Highs, and Chandler High School (where she has been an energetic booster of the swim team). She can be reached by email at mozdzen.barb@cusd80.com or by phone at 480-497-5703.

  • Bob Rice
    About Bob Rice...

    Bob Rice was elected to the Chandler Unified School District Governing Board in 2002, and re-elected in 2006, 2010 and 2014. He previously served as president in 2005 and 2014. His term runs through December 2018. Bob also currently serves on the Arizona School Facilities Board. He is a retired Intel manager, an avid photographer and cyclist. His children attended Knox Elementary, Andersen and Bogle junior highs and graduated from Chandler High. Bob can be reached by email at rice.robert@cusd80.com or by phone at 480-963-0307.

  • ** Please note that any written or electronic correspondence sent to Governing Board members or staff becomes public record and is available for public/media review. **