• The students of Patterson will continue participating in the AR Reading Program. Students will take reading comprehension tests based on books that they have chosen from their reading level. Students will receive a goal each quarter. I will determine this goal using their reading level with the length of time they should be reading each day. As the students take the tests, they will be awarded points that go towards this goal. Students also need to stay above an 85% average.
    Below you will find some more information about the AR Reading Program:
    This guide will help answer question you may have about the AR reading program.


    This guide will help you use the renaiaasance home connect.


    This guide will show you how to use AR Book Finder website. The AR Book Finder will allow you to search book titles to determine if they are an AR book, what the book level is, and how many points the book is worth. I have included a link to the AR Book Finder website.