• School Messenger Dear Parents and Guardians,
    We are pleased to announce that the Chandler Unified School District has begun using a notification system called School Messenger to best serve you with timely information about school or district emergencies (such as school closings due to weather). In the event of an emergency, you will receive a phone call, email and/or text with important information. Additional School Messenger features to follow later this school year include notifications regarding absences, student safety, and special events.
    Frequently-asked Questions and Answers:
    Q. Is there anything I need to know or do now to receive emergency notifications?
    A. When you complete and submit an emergency card each school year, your contact information is updated in our student information system (Infinite Campus). If you have changed your phone number(s) or email address since then, please contact the school office to update your information to ensure that you will receive notifications.
    Q. Can I receive emergency notification text messages on my cell phone?
    A. Yes… but you must opt in. If you provided a cell phone number when you enrolled in a CUSD school, an opt in invitation text should have been sent to you. If you didn't receive the opt in text, or if you received the text but didn't reply at that time to opt in to receive emergency notification texts on your cell phone, you can still opt in now!  

    Opt in now by texting YES to 67587.
    (There is no charge from School Messenger for this service.  Standard messaging rates from your carrier may apply.) You should immediately receive a reply text from School Messenger confirming that you have opted in.  

    you do NOT receive a confirmation text from School Messenger (67587):
    1. Please contact your child's school office to verify that your cell phone number is correct in Infinite Campus.
    2. If you receive an error message that "short codes" are blocked on your phone, you will need to contact your phone carrier to "unblock short code texts."
    3. If you receive NO confirmation text and NO error message, and your cell phone number is correct at the school office, your cell phone company may still be blocking "short code texts."  Some cell phone carriers block all short code texts unless you request unblocking.  Please contact your cell phone carrier to "unblock short codes."
    Q. My phone number recently changed, and I have children who attend multiple Chandler schools. Do I need to contact all the CUSD schools my children are attending?
    A. No. If you have children attending multiple CUSD schools, you only need to contact one school to make the update in Infinite Campus.   If your new number is a cell phone, you would also then need to text YES to 67587 from the new phone number in order to opt in for that phone.
    Q. Will School Messenger be used to notify me about other important information besides emergencies?
    A. Plans for future parent outreach using Student Messenger may include notifications about absences, lunch account balances, special school events, bus delays, district testing, and school/classroom news from a principal or teacher. Please note, however, that School Messenger is not intended to replace current modes of communication.
    Q. Can I find out more about SchoolMessenger?
    A. Yes! To find out more about SchoolMessenger, please visit their web site at www.schoolmessenger.com.