• Mindful Food Club

    The purpose of this club it to be able to understand how to order food when going out to eat with friends while accountig for tax, tip, and proper etiquette. This club will go out to eat once a quarter on Fridays after school with the date to be determined; and returning to campus no later than 4:30 so students can pe picked up at the "parent drop-off / pick-up" location. 

    * Your persmission slip must be printed and submitted no later than the Wednesday the week we go out to eat. This will be updated onced a date and location has been selected.

    * This is a no fee club, you only need your money to order your own food.

    * You must wear what you wore to ACP Oakland for our Mindful Food Club outing that day.


    *** The first outing will be before Fall Break after establishing the Food Club committee members. 


    Please fill out the information below and submit online to register for this club. Scroll down to complete the form, then press submit.

Last Modified on August 7, 2023