For all current students, please login into classroom.google.com and find:

    Day 1 Choir: 2020 - ACPO - CHR700 - 31 SPEC1 - BEGINNING CHOIR - HOLLEY

    Day 2 Choir: 2020 - ACPO - CHR700 - 32 SPEC2 - BEGINNING CHOIR - HOLLEY


    For Parents, you can see your student's activities for each class each day, but you must use your child's student login info. 

    For more information about Chandler District's options during this time, please visit the following Distance Learning Website

    For any questions, please email me at holley.christopher@gse.cusd80.com 

    In your email, please use the following subject line: ACPO Choir


    Google Classroom 

    Student Login - First Time 

    Google ID: sID#@gse.cusd80.com Example: s123456@gse.cusd80.com 

    Password: s + ID# + ! Example: s123456! 

    Step 1. In a web browser, go to classroom.google.com. Students enter their username from 

    above and click 

    Step 2. Enter the default password from above and click 

    Step 3. Follow the prompts to change your password. 

    Must contain a capital letter, special character, number and be 8 characters. Students are advised to use the password they use to login to Infinite Campus/school computers. 

    Step 4. If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept

    Step 5. Click I’m a student

    Step 6. Click Get Started

    Step. 7. Click the “+” sign at the top right of the next screen and input the class code given by the teacher. 

    Students and teachers can also download the Google Classroom app (iPhone). Android users need an additional app before they can download the Google Classroom app called Google Apps Device Policy. Once they download this app, and login with their GSE account, it will create a work profile on their phone. This prohibits the district from accessing their personal information on their phones. They will need to look for the Google Play app that has a briefcase on the bottom. For Samsung users, it is located in their Workspace. From there, they can download Google Classroom. Some Android devices will have a separate tab for work or personal apps. 

    iPhone Users: Students need to be logged into their GSE account to have access to Classroom on an iPhone. More than likely, you will already be logged into a personal account. You will need to add their GSE account. Students click on the three lines on the top left of the Classroom app to start the adding account process. 

Last Modified on March 30, 2020