Tallies of Comments for 10/28/2020 Governing Board Meeting, by Topic

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    • Percentages are the tally for each topic out of the total tallies from the 27 comments received.
    • Each comment submitted could relate to more than just one topic.
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    Keep Virtual Options: 9 22%
    Provide Hybrid Option: 1 2%
    Health and Safety Concerns: 15 37%
    Chandler Online Academy Concerns: 3 7%
    ACP Erie, High School Boundaries: 3 7%
    Mental Health Support: 2 5%
    COVID Task Force, Quarantine: 5 12%
    Thanks: 3 7%

Comments for 10/28/2020 Governing Board Meeting, by Topic

  • Keep Virtual Options

  • Provide Hybrid Option

  • Health and Safety Concerns

  • Chandler Online Academy Concerns

  • ACP Erie, HS Boundary Changes

  • Mental Health Support

  • COVID Task Force, Quarantine

  • Thanks