In 1999, Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) established an Elementary School Safety Program.

    The goals of the program are first and foremost to ensure the safety of the students, parents and school staff at each campus, and protect the physical property located at each school.

    To this end, School Security Officers (SSOs) were hired to oversee the program.

    While each SSO is assigned to a number of schools, collectively their responsibility is district wide. They respond whenever their service is requested to any location within the District.

    Each of the SSOs brings to the position years of experience in dealing with people and security issues. To better allow them to serve the schools, each receives ongoing training. SSOs are certified in CPR and have been trained in appropriate behavior management and restraint techniques. They wear CUSD issued school security attire with the words “School Security” screened on the back, drive CUSD issued or identified cars and carry cell phones for communication.


    As a School Security Officer, my duty is to assist in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning: to protect staff and students from violence and harm; to protect staff and students from intimidation and disorder in the school setting; to treat individuals encountered during my daily duties with respect; to comply with all laws; to exercise only reasonable and necessary force when the occasion requires it; to act within the scope of my duties; to set aside all personal bias in the exercise of my duties, and to execute my duties with professionalism and integrity. *


    Each School Security Officer (SSO) is assigned a cluster of elementary schools. The goal is to visit each school, every day, however, sometimes this is not possible due to scheduled or non-scheduled variances in the routine.

    During the visit an initial contact is made between the SSO and the principal and/or members of the school staff, to make them aware that the SSO is on the campus and available.

    The SSO walks the campus, giving a security presence, enforcing school safety rules and looking for physical hazards, such as unlocked doors, slip/trip/fall hazards, unsecured drive-through gates, downed traffic signs. Areas that need follow-up are brought to the attention of the school’s Principal or administrative staff. If an item presents an immediate safety concern or requires CUSD Support Staff assistance, then a notification is made to the SSO’s supervisor, the Executive Director of Educational Programs.

    The SSO will make a sweep of the parking lots of the school looking for evidence of any suspicious activity. Typically, the SSO patrols the street surrounding the schools to assure that students remain safe while traveling to and from school, as well as monitoring activity at bus stops.


    • Respond and assist in emergency situations until emergency services personnel arrive.
    • Respond to calls when an actual or suspected intruder is on campus.
    • Respond and assist to an actual lock down, fire alarm or threat on campus until emergency services personnel arrive.
    • Assist school staff when a traffic accident or medical emergency occurs on school property or adjoining property, until emergency services personnel arrive.
    • Respond to calls regarding a volatile student who may present a threat to him/herself or others.
    • Assist in locating missing/unaccounted for students.
    • Respond to calls where suspicious activity is taking place on school property or adjacent property.
    • Relinquish authority to responding law enforcement upon their arrival.
    • Make student home visits upon request of a school staff member where matters of truancy or behavioral problems need to be addressed. The SSO will project a security image while a member of the school staff makes the parent contact and addresses the area of concern.
    • Respond to requests made by the school staff concerning student travel to/from school.
    • Respond to requests from CUSD Transportation Department concerning activity on school buses or at bus stops.


    • In conjunction with Chandler Police, Gilbert Police, and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, SSOs aid staff in developing a current emergency response plan (ERP).
    • Jointly attend lock down drills, evaluate the response to the drill and review the actions with the principal/staff to improve the proper reaction to emergency situations.
    • Attend fire drills as requested by school staff.
    • Offer a security presence when parent conflict is possible.
    • Provide on-site training of school Crossing Guards annually for new hires and as needed.
    • Present a security presence at before-school and after-school functions, as requested by the school.
    • Contact Animal Control to resolve loose animal complaints.
    • Assist Transportation personnel with Bus Evacuation Drills at school sites.
    • Record keeping – daily activity log filed.


    • Analyze and offer recommendations for traffic problems.*
    • Assist staff with parent/visitor parking, student drop-off and pick up and at school crossings.*
    • Notify Supervisor when assistance of the Local Law Enforcement agencies is needed in addressing “on street” traffic problems, such as speeding through crossings or illegal parking which constitutes a hazard.
    • Offer motorist assistance to staff or parents/visitors on campus.
    * Normally initiated In 1999, Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) established an Elementary School Safety Program.