• Twitter Chats

    Twitter chats are a great way to discuss educational issues with educators from across the globe! Here's an example of a recent Twitter chat moderated by TED Ed. The moderator usually starts the chat with a question:

    Notice how the Tweet included the hashtag #TEDEdChat so the chat can easily be followed. The Q1 at the beginning indicates that this is the first question in the chat (typically these questions are asked only by the moderator ... otherwise things could get very confusing very quickly). To respond, users Tweet their response beginning with A1 (to indicate they are responding to Q1) and including the same #TEDEdChat hashtag. Here are some responses:

    Since these responses included A1 and #TEDEdChat (not necessarily in that order), they are easy for people to follow and link back to the original question, even if they are joining the chat late.

    If you're not comfortable responding in Twitter chats, that's OK! Just follow the conversation (this is called "lurking") and get the hang of things first before responding ... you'll learn something new either way!

    Education Twitter chats happen on a daily basis, and cover a variety of topics. You can view a full schedule of these chats in list or calendar format. For more information on using Twitter chats, check out the following links, or watch the video below: