• Twitter Follow iconFollowing and Being Followed

    Once your account it set up, you will want to start following other people on Twitter, which is the equivalent of being "friends" with them on Facebook. When you follow someone on Twitter, their Tweets will show up on your "Twitter feed" when you visit twitter.com or use the Twitter app. Start by following people you know ... a good place to start would be following some of our official CUSD Twitter accounts, as well as the Twitter account of our superintendent. If you know someone well enough to follow them, you might check to see who else they follow or mention in their Tweets ... consider following them, as well. One of the great things about Twitter is the incredibly diverse range of people and viewpoints you can encounter, so don't be afraid to follow as many people as you want (you can always unfollow them if you find their posts to be inappropriate, offensive, or even just boring).

    Following someone (or a group) on Twitter is easy: just go to their Twitter page and look for the button that should like something like this depending on which version of Twitter you're using (web, app, etc.):

    Twitter Follow button - web
    Twitter Follow button - app

    After you follow people, they may start to follow you back, and eventually new people you've never heard of may start to follow you, too. This is entirely normal, and a great way to connect to other people! If you are followed by people you don't know, you can follow them back or just let them follow you. Twitter may also suggest people for you to follow based on who you already follow, but you don't have to follow them if you're not interested.

    Remember, people don't have to follow you to read your Tweets ... by default, all Tweets are public, and anyone can follow you. If the idea of strangers following you and reading your Tweets is concerning, you do have the option to make your Tweets protected and make your account private. This means you will have to approve everyone who wants to follow you on Twitter. Protecting your Tweets is generally not recommended, since it is much more work to maintain your account, and also discourages the sharing of ideas.