• Twitter Retweet iconRetweeting and Favoriting

    If you're not comfortable writing your own Tweet yet, there are still other ways to participate in Twitter! Retweeting a Tweet is a quick way to share someone else's Tweet with your followers (this usually implies you agree with the contents of the Tweet unless you explicitly say you don't, so be careful!). Just look for the Retweet button below someone's Tweet and click on it:

    Tweet with Retweet button highlighted

    When you Retweet, you usually have the option of adding a comment. In this example, the Chandler Unified Twitter account Retweeted something from Perry HS:

    Retweet example without comment

    Sometimes it can be good to add a comment when you Retweet to add to the message, affirm your support, or make it clear that you disagree with part or all of the Tweet. When you do this, your comment will be displayed above the Tweet you are Retweeting as in the example below:

    Retweet example with comment

    Favoriting a Tweet is the equivalent of "liking" a post on Facebook ... your like won't display on your own Twitter feed like a Retweet will, but the original Tweeter will know you liked their Tweet (and others may discover you liked it if they dig around a little bit). To favorite a Tweet, look for the favorite icon below the Tweet and click/tap on it.

    Tweet with Favorite button highlighted