• Twitter iconGetting Started

    The first step to get on Twitter is registering for a free account. All you need to sign up is your name, an e-mail address or phone number, and a password. It is strongly recommended that you create your professional Twitter account using your cusd80.com e-mail address, and keep this separate from your personal Twitter account (which should use your personal e-mail address).

    Once you enter that information, you will need to set up your Twitter profile, which includes selecting your username. Your username is important, because it will be used a lot by people when they interact with you on Twitter, so pick carefully! But don't worry, you can always change your username later as long as no one is already using the new username you want. If this Twitter account will only be used professionally, consider finding a way to incorporate your worksite or job title in your username (e.g., LRother_CHS, PrincipalDelp, etc.).

    You will also want to update your profile picture ... people will pay much more attention to your account if it's not using the default profile picture (which was changed in March 2017 from the infamous "Twitter egg" to something that more closely resembles an actual human being). This is usually just a head shot, but could also be something more creative like your school logo, content area icon, etc. Feel free to fill in as much of your profile information as you want ... the more you provide, the more people will be able to verify that the account is really yours!

    If you own a smartphone, you will probably want to download the Twitter app so you can Tweet on the go. This will be especially helpful if you want to include pictures in your Tweets since you can take a picture with your smartphone and then Tweet it out!

    Finally, if you have already set up other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc., you may want to link those so you can write a single post that will end up on all of your accounts. These instructions can help you get started: