• Indian Parent Committee @ CUSD

    2019-2020 Schedule TBA
    First meeting & Officer elections - August 14, 2019 at 6:00PM
    Location TBA  

    Contact: romero.monica@cusd80.com

    I have a concern or suggestion I want to share and discuss with other parents. Who do I contact to get on the agenda? 
    If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or other information you want to share at our parent meetings, please contact Beth Allison first. If you have a very important concern that requires attention by other program and district administration, Bethaney can assist with scheduling a meeting seperate from the Indian Parent Committee meetings.
    In addition, depending on our meeting space, we have to ensure our meetings end before the janitor's close the buildings. If you are included on the agenda, please keep to your alotted time. We want our discussions and interactions to remain on time, respectful, empowering, informative, and engages all students, parents, and staff present. 
    What happens at quarterly meetings?

    Each meeting begins with brief introductions and welcome from committee members and Indian Education Program staff. Important updates, announcements, and other reminders are presented. Votes, budget approvals, event planning, and more are discussed as needed.

    Who attends IPC meetings?

    Meetings are open to the CUSD students, parents, and staff. 

    All parents of current CUSD American Indian/Alaska Native students in grades K-12 are encouraged to attend. All students are also welcome to attend. We especially welcome CUSD teachers and other staff. 

    In addition, we try to have 2 to 3 academic advisors from Basha, Chandler, Hamilton, or Perry campuses present at our meetings. We also have guests from the community. All Guests must be verified by Beth Allison at least one month ahead of scheduled meeting. Guests may include academic, social, mental, cultural coordinators, and or other specialists or programs specific to the academic or cultural wellbeing of youth and/or adults. Prior guests have included Phoenix Indian Center, Gila River Indian Community Education Department, and the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse. 


  • 2018-2019 IPC Executive Committee

    President:  Tracey Sekayumptewa

    Vice President:  Will Antone III

    Secretary: Danya Hinton