Gila River Indian Community - Student Advisor

  • In November 2017, Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) and Chandler Unified School District signed a Memorandum of Agreement, which will allow a GRIC Student Advisor to work with Gila River students enrolled in CUSD high schools. This is an exciting opportunity to provide tribal support and resources to GRIC students and families. The GRIC advisor will be at on-site to conduct weekly visits with Gila River students to review credits, attendace, grades, post secondary plans, and more.

    The mission of the Gila River K-12 Student Advisor Program is to ensure students and parents have access to educational and cultural opportunities to help them attain academic success and personal growth – therefore preparing and encouraging future achievement.

    In July 2018, we were approved to acquire a second GRIC advisor. Andrew Garcia and John-Martin Rigsby will be splitting sites to work more closely with GRIC students. 



    Mr. Rigsby and Mr. Garcia   Mr. Rigsby (left) and Mr. Garcia (right).  


    Bio - John-Martin Rigsby 

    As a K-12 Student Advisor, I will work toward Gila River student success by: 

    • Monitoring students’ academic progress and offering proactive intervention strategies as needed and awards/recognition for excellence when appropriate;
    • Communicating and conferring with teachers, parents, and guardians;
    • Providing information and resources for students to help them understand their educational, personal, and cultures needs, and to acquire basic skills to be successful in fulfilling those needs;
    • Guiding students on an individual basis in the solution of personal problems related to home and family relations, emotional adjustments, and providing small group study sessions, tutorial and referrals for students;
    • Maintaining records of counseling referrals;
    • Make sure that the needs and safety of the student are being met;
    • Addressing truancy of tribally enrolled students (including making home visits), and;
    • Acting as liaison between the schools, agencies, and other entities.

    I am passionate about Career and Technical Education (CTE) and higher education, with this being said, I would like to help answer any college or career questions that students may have. I will be planning student trips to college campuses, technical schools and to cultural events throughout the year, so please look forward to those events!  

    I look forward to meeting students and parents throughout the year and encourage parent attendance at college and career readiness workshops that I provide for the students. 

    Sincerely, John-Martin

    Email:  / Phone: 520-610-1311

    Bio - Andrew Garcia 

    Hello GRIC Families!

    I will be working with Gila River students in the Chandler Unified School District to advocate for your student’s success by offering the following services: 

    • Providing individualized guidance on addressing their educational, cultural, and personal needs and identifying resources and information that can satisfy their needs
    • Monitoring students’ academic progress with the addition of providing individualized plans of action as needed
    • Addressing truancy of GRIC students with proactive interventions as needed
    • Ensuring the safety and needs of the student are being met
    • Communicating with teachers, counselors, and other school officials to ensure student’s overall academic success

    In addition to the services that I stated above, I will be coordinating plans with our other student advisor, John-Martin to provide additional events for your student to participate in. I look forward to working with your student(s) this coming school year and I always encourage active parental/guardian involvement in their children’s education!

    Sincerely, Andrew