• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do we secure a spot?

    1) Turn in sign up sheet on time (to Mr. Magel)

    2) REPLY to email send to you after you sign up. First 50 to reply will be given priority to pay.

    3) Pay initial $500 deposit. If you do not pay by the deadline, your spot will be given to someone else.

    What if we can't afford the cost?

    --Payments are spread out throughout the year to help families make this trip manageable). Also, tax credit dollars can be used towards the costs. Please see Mr. Magel for more information on how to use tax credit money towards the trip!

    Can parents sign up as chaperones?

    --ACP teachers and Close Up staff members are the only chaperones.

    What if my student can only come for part of the trip?

    --Please see Mr. Magel.  

    Is there supervision?

    --Yes, absolutely. ACP teachers chaperone the students in the airports and on the plane.  In D.C., students will always be with Close Up chaperones, and with ACP teachers as well. Close Up has night monitors to provide hallway security in the hotels at night.

    What if my student has a health need, such as diabetes or asthma? 

     Close Up has a full time nurse assigned to the group for any emergencies.  Close Up is also coupled with Georgetown Medical Center. 

    Can students room with the classmates of their choice?

    --We always take requests, and try to meet everyone's first choice, but this is not guaranteed. All students will be roomed with ACP Oakland students only.

    Will we be with other schools/students for events and activities?

    No, ACP has a customized program with Close Up and students will only be with ACP Oakland students.

    Do my students need to bring extra money?

    --This is not required, but recommended. The trip fees cover everything necessary, including food and admissions, but having extra spending or souvenir money is a good idea. Students will have opportunities to explore and find time for shopping.


Last Modified on October 14, 2019