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    Making Connections


    Integration of Curriculum in Willis STEAM Academy. 

    This year we have a unique opportunity to use our 40 minute Academic Perseverance class to work on PBL.  This is problem, project, and passion based learning.  This allows students to investigate current ideas and problem solve.  We are looking forward to the possibilities.
    The integration of our program is continually developing.  As teachers, we meet weekly to discuss how each curriculum can support each other.  Language Arts and Social Studies are two that blend together very easily.  We did historical fiction while learning about the history of slavery.  Students read Lord of the Flies while learning about government.  While learning about the Cold War, students read Fahrenheit 451.  Math and Science also complement each other.  While doing Science Fair data tables, students did a variety of math calculations with standard deviation.  While studying the solar system, math calculations were used.  Science and Social Studies look at natural disasters, economic impact, and how inventions have changed the course of history.  We continually look for relevant real-world examples to incorporate and inspire our students. 
    Our STEAM Club has hosted booths at the Arizona SciTech Kick-off Event and to the Chandler Symphony Fanfest.  We want to develop and increase our contribution to our community.