• Incoming STEAM acadmey 7th graders who will be in Honors Algebra 1 next year can prepare themselves by studying the following concepts:
    • Properties of equality 
    • Multi-step equations with one variable
    • Multiple representations of data (linear functions) including tables, graphs, equations, and patterns.
    • Laws of exponents 
    • Pythagorean Theorem 
    • Scatter plots, box plots, two-way tables, measures of center, and measures of spread

    This link, Khan Academy , includes videos showing the process for many math concepts listed above as well as practice exercises. 

    This link, Pre-Algebra Summer Math Packet, provides OPTIONAL practice problems to prepare for the curriculum. 

    This link, IXL math practice , is work for 8th grade pre-algebra math. The site allows 10 free questions at a time (you might be able to get around this with refresh or reloading the page). IXL math will show you step by step solutions to each problem. You can download the app as well and practice on the go! :) 
    Students that want to prepare over summer can look at any pre-algebra work on websites they find helpful. Pre-algebra is the equivalent of 8th grade math and is the content covered before entering Algebra 1. 
    Thank you for preparing your students and we look forward to math class this coming year!