Self-Contained K-6 CATS
    Chandler Academically Talented Students (CATS) for students in Kindergarten through sixth grade is a self-contained gifted program. Students in this program work at least one year beyond grade level with their intellectual peers. Classroom instruction expands and accelerates the core curriculum to accommodate the unique needs and interests of gifted students. Teachers deliver a rigorous interdisciplinary core curriculum encompassing Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Self-contained gifted students participate in special area classes with the other grade-level classes and are included in non-academic grade-level activities. The CATS program is housed at several district sites where transportation is provided to the host school.

    Knox Gifted Academy (K-6) & Weinberg Gifted Academy (Opening July 2020 (K-5) - 6th grade to be added 2021/22)
    Knox Gifted Academy is dedicated to gifted students emphasizing a science, technology, engineering, art integration, and mathematics in a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. This model offers an open-walled, team teaching instructional model that focuses on problem-based learning through design thinking and an integrated curriculum, which differentiates this program from the CATS classes at other sites. Knox Gifted Academy is a school of choice for students. District transportation is provided from depot school locations throughout the Chandler Unified School District.

    Consultative Gifted Services (K-6)
    The Chandler Gifted Consultative Program, offers an opportunity for identified gifted students to remain in a regular classroom at their home school while support, materials, and an individualized learning plan is in place for differentiated instruction within their classroom. Teachers of gifted students receive consultative support, materials, and an individualized learning plan is in place. This program is offered for students with unique learning needs that require individualized support or instruction, or for students who qualify for gifted services after the enrollment period for self-contained classes ends.

    Junior High CATS (7-8)
    The Junior High CATS program is housed at several Junior High Schools. The program offers courses that provide enriching, rigorous curriculum that engages high ability and high achieving students. The content standards in mathematics and in English Language Arts are accelerated and integrated and demand in-depth study. Instruction incorporates creative and critical thinking, problem solving, research, personal development, and communication. The goal of the CUSD Junior High CATS program is to provide challenge to the current curriculum while it prepares students for high school-level Honors and Advanced Placement courses.


    The district hires teachers for the program in partnership with the principal of the host school. Teachers of the gifted are either endorsed or are working toward their gifted endorsement. CATS teachers attend meetings each year to keep them abreast of best practices in the field of gifted education, and to collaborate with their peers.