How is the self-contained gifted program curriculum different from the regular curriculum?

    Students in this program work at least one year beyond grade level with their intellectual peers. Classroom instruction expands and accelerates the core curriculum to accommodate the unique needs and interests of gifted students. Teachers deliver a rigorous interdisciplinary core curriculum encompassing Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.


    How much homework will my child have daily?

    The self-contained gifted program abides by the time guidelines set by the district for each grade level.


    Will my child have to requalify for the self-contained gifted program yearly?

    Once students qualify for the self-contained gifted program, they will not need to requalify.


    What is the procedure for withdrawing a student from the self-contained gifted program?

    If excessive challenges persist, a plan of action will be developed by a team consisting of parents, CATS teacher, site Principal, and Gifted Education Specialist to support the student. Every effort will be made to address the needs of a child in the CATS program. Individual circumstances will be considered in the hopes that the right decision be reached concerning what is deemed best for the success of the child with recommendations from the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education.


    Do self-contained gifted program teachers have special training in gifted education?

    The State of Arizona requires teachers of the gifted to have additional education emphasizing special teaching techniques and learning models appropriate for gifted learners. All self-contained gifted program teachers have the gifted endorsement or are currently working towards it. Training is also provided during meetings and in-services.