• Arizona College Preparatory 7th Grade Course Descriptions


    Honors Language Arts 7

    This standards-based course is designed for students who are achieving above grade level in reading comprehension and writing. In writing instruction, emphasis will be placed on the 6+1 traits of writing: ideas and content, word choice, organization, sentence fluency, voice, conventions and format.  Students will write summaries, expository essays and literary responses that contain effective introductory and summary statements and that fully develop the main ideas with details, facts, examples, and descriptions. Students will also learn to analyze literature through the introduction of various literary elements used in poetry, short stories, plays, and novels.


    Honors Pre-Algebra (8th grade equivalency)

    In this accelerated course, algebraic concepts are taught in this standards-based course along with problem-solving strategies, geometric concepts, statistical applications, and testing the validity of conjectures. Students will use reasoning and communication skills in real-world problem solving situations throughout the course.


    Integrated Science 7

    Students will explore science concepts using an inquiry-based approach with emphasis on the skills of observation and hypothesis generation, scientific testing, and analysis and interpretation of scientific data. Integrated topics will include; populations and organisms in an ecosystem; the structure of the Earth; Earth processes and systems; and Earth in the Solar System. Topics will encompass the history and nature of science studies as well as science in personal and social perspectives.


    Honors Social Studies 7 

    The seventh grade social studies program focuses on the history of North America from the contributions of early civilizations up to the Reconstruction Period in the United States.  This standards-based course examines the relationship of historical events and people, significant themes, ideas, beliefs and turning points in North American history. Students utilize the tools of historical research by framing analytical questions and evaluating historical materials.


    Spanish 1 (9th grade equivalency)

    This course is an introduction to the language and culture of the Hispanic world. In Spanish 1, the student learns vocabulary and grammar through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Emphasis is on listening and reading comprehension and simple conversational skills through role-playing, skits and other interactive methods. This class is not designed for native speakers.


Last Modified on July 26, 2023