• Arizona College Preparatory 6th Grade Course Descriptions


    Honors Language Arts 6

    Based on the Common Core Standards, students will be participating in accelerated reading comprehension and writing activities.  Our writing instruction will focus on the 6+1 traits of writing and will allow students to write for a variety of purposes.  Through novel studies and the reading of short stories, students will begin to analyze fiction and nonfiction texts.

    Communications for the 21st Century

    In this advanced language arts course, students will learn the intricacies of writing explanatory text, informative text, arguments, and research papers based on non-fiction texts. Students will learn effective presentation and communication strategies through oral presentation, discussions, and the use of technology. 

    Honors Social Studies 6

    The purpose of the 6thgrade social studies course is to survey the historical development of civilization throughout World History as well as that of America. There are repeating themes, ideas, and issues throughout history that tie the past and the present together. Understanding these themes by strengthening skills in acquiring and communicating ideas, using critical thinking skills, understanding causes and effects and acquiring content knowledge will help students make sense of history and its relevance to today. These repeating themes areGeography, Economics, Civics and Government, and Historical Research Skills.

    Honors Integrated Science 6 / 7

    6 / 7 Integrated Science is an active combination of the 6thand 7thgrade curriculums. It is designed in a way to challenge the student and help prepare them for success. This course is inquiry-based, utilizing the modeling approach and stressing the Scientific Method. The students are immersed in the study of the functions of living things, organisms in the environment with a focus on Earth Science, mapping of the earth’s surface and minerals. The course also focuses on the water systems of the Earth, ocean movements and the different zones of the ocean. All topics will emphasis hands on and student led learning. 

    Honors Math 7

    This course is designed to help students master the standards needed for pre-algebra.  Real-life concepts, problems and applications are employed throughout the course by integrating algebra, probability, geometry, discrete math, and logic.  This is advanced curriculum, so students will be challenged at a higher level.  It is important for us to maintain very high expectations, so students who choose to move on to Honors or AP/IB classes in high school will be well prepared. 

    Students will focus on two main areas:

    (1) Students extend their understanding of ratios and rates to develop understanding of proportionality to solve single- and multi-step problems. Students use their understanding of ratios and proportionality to solve a wide variety of percent problems, including those involving discounts, interest, taxes, tips, and percent increase or decrease. Students graph proportional relationships and understand the unit rate informally as a measure of the steepness of the related line. They distinguish proportional relationships as the foundation for rate of change.

    (2) Students develop a unified understanding of number by recognizing fractions, decimals (that have a finite or a repeating decimal representation), and percents as different representations of rational numbers. Students extend addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to all rational numbers, maintaining the properties of operations and the relationships between addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. By applying these properties and by viewing negative numbers in terms of everyday contexts (e.g., amounts owed or temperatures below zero), students explain and interpret the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with negative numbers.  Students are able to use variables to represent quantities and construct simple equations and inequalities to solve problems. Students fluently solve one variable equations of the forms px +q = r and p(x + q) = r.


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