Arizona College Preparatory 8th Grade Course Descriptions


    Honors Language Arts 8 

    Honors Language Arts 8 challenges students who have demonstrated excellence in reading and writing skills. Critical thinking skills are developed through literary analysis, analytical writing techniques, and the fundamentals of persuasion and debate. Students read advanced literature, including Shakespeare and other significant writers, in order to analyze drama, short stories, novels, and poetic verse.


    Algebra 1 (9th grade equivalency)
    This course is the first year of a high school level standards-based mathematics curriculum. Real-life concepts, problems and applications are employed throughout the course by integrating algebra, probability, geometry, discrete math and mathematical structure and logic.  Number sense topics include classifying and comparing sets. Data analysis focuses on organizing data into charts and evaluating conclusions drawn from that data. Algebra topics including linear equations, inequalities, exponents and expressions are taught using algebraic methods. Geometric properties, methods, theorems and additional topics of geometry relationships will be used to interpret and draw 3-dimensional objects. Discrete mathematics and mathematical structure will be used to develop and analyze algorithms and the understanding of the logic of algebraic procedures.


    Investigative Science 9 (must be paired with Algebra 1)

    The course content will cover the High School Investigative Science curriculum including genetics. This inquiry-based course is designed to investigate chemistry, physics, biology and earth-space concepts in order to develop students’ analytical skills and problem-solving techniques. Concepts explored in the course develop foundational knowledge that ensures success in subsequent high school science classes. Emphasis is based on laboratories in which the student is an active participant in the formation of the lab.


    Honors Social Studies 8 

    In this standards-based course, students learn the ideals, rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Additionally, the founding documents of the United States government are reviewed and analyzed. Particular emphasis is placed on the Constitution and how the government functions at the local, state, national, and international levels. Students will also analyze geography (location, place, region, movement, environment interaction) and learn to apply basic economic concepts to assess global problems that affect consumer choices.


    Spanish 2 (10th grade equivalency)

    Prerequisite:  Spanish 1 or equivalent study 

    This course is a continuation of Spanish 1.  In Spanish 2 students will receive more practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. New vocabulary and grammar are presented. The students will improve writing skills through simple compositions. They will continue to explore the culture of the Hispanic world. This class is not designed for native speakers.


    Geometry (10th grade equivalency) – Alternate Math Option

    Prerequisite: Algebra 1 or Equivalent Study

    This course is the second year of a standards-based mathematics curriculum. Number sense topics include the concept of using estimation strategies reasonably and fluently. Probability focuses on recording data from a probability experiment and comparing the outcome to predictions made prior to performing the experiment. Discrete mathematics topics include understanding and demonstrating the systematic listing and counting of possible outcomes. Geometric properties will be used to analyze the attributes and properties of two and three-dimensional shapes and developing mathematical arguments about their relationships. Students will learn to use logic, reasoning and mathematical proofs to evaluate situations and select problem-solving strategies.


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