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    Welcome to the Payne Jr. High Band webpage!!

    Throughout the year your band student will get several notices regarding performances, field trips, band t-shirts, etc.  I usually send home a copy for families, however it is strongly recommended that you check in with this page frequently to keep up on all of the band events. Please register to this page so that you get e-alerts and updates!

    I am confident that your student will thrive in our music department, and am excited to dive into band this year!  Joining the band program here at Payne is one of the most rewarding experiences your child can have- Welcome to the Panther Band Family! 


    Basha Marching Band Meeting!



    We are starting to put together google classrooms for the marching band sections. Can you share this with your students. Ther course code for all percussion is:

    Percussion cfxatjv

    Brass cde3vlh

    Woodwinds xnveeel

    Miles Denny
    Associate Director of Bands 
    Basha High School/ AMS at Basha
    Basha HS drumlines are going to be done virtually. I know that most of the material on here will be brand new to you and you may not understand it, so just do the best you can! If you have any questions, contact Basha director Miles Denny at 




    Hi Everyone,

    The show must go on! With all of the sudden changes in our daily routines, we have been working to ensure our processes go on with as little disruption as possible. To that end, we have put together a structure of how the remainder of our 19-20 band year is going to operate in preparation for the 20-21 school year.

    Virtual Learning Consent Form

    As released by CUSD, please complete the Virtual Learning Consent Form below. This will allow your students to interact online with their peers and instructors.


    Ensemble Auditions Process

    We have structured our auditions to operate online. We created a separate class section in Google Classroom that you must join where you can easily access the materials and submit your videos. The auditions will be created as an assignment as they become available (Symphonic and Jazz are available now). We expect the remaining assignments to be created and ready for submissions by Monday, April 6th at the latest, possibly sooner.

    ALL students interested in auditioning for Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Advanced Percussion Ensemble, or Regiment Percussion must submit auditions, including those already enrolled. Follow the steps below to make sure you are setup for audition submissions:

    1. In Google Classroom join the Perry Band Audition Class with course code zxsyqwl

    2. Each audition submission is an assignment, choose the corresponding assignment(s) for your audition.

    3. Review the audition requirements and download any necessary materials through the links in the description.

    4. Practice, Practice, Practice until you are ready to submit the videos.

    5. Submit your audition by the May 1st deadline.

    Online Leadership Training & Auditions

    We are fortunate to be able to use Scott Lang’s music leadership curriculum in our online structure. We encourage EVERYONE to participate in these, even if you are not applying for leadership next year. If you are applying for leadership however, there will be an application and your participation in the leadership coursework is a demonstration of your commitment.

    1. In Google Classroom join the Perry Bands Leadership Class with course code mjw2yvc

    2. The leadership curriculum will be posted as assignments to complete. We encourage your participation in discussion with others on some of the questions. This starts a dialogue among ourselves regarding the needs and expectations of the team, and how we expect to achieve our goals.

    3. If you are applying for leadership next year, complete the Leadership Application assignment no later than Friday, April 10th.

    4. We will be hosting video interviews with leadership applicants at the end of April.

    Live Workshops

    We have been given the green light from the school district to participate in live sessions using Meet in Google Classroom. We will be setting some dates for live workshops to help prepare for auditions and give individualized instruction. Stay tuned.

    Weekly Huddle

    On Wednesdays at 3:00PM we will be having a Perry Bands Hangout in Google Meet. This is a casual hangout to just see each other, chat, and interact with your teammates. If you are an incoming 8th grader we encourage you to drop in and meet us! (Be sure to complete the Virtual Learning Consent Form prior to joining.)

    Pending Online Meetings

    Our upcoming Marching Band Kick-off Meeting, End of the Year Awards Ceremony, and Booster Meeting are being planned for possible Online Meeting/Streaming. Dates, times, and details will be announced as they become available.

    Final Thoughts

    This is new to all of us but we hope that you can still find a connection to your inner performer. We perform to fill that space within us. The next time we get to share our live performances with each other, our friends, our family, will be special. The time and energy we put in is an investment in each other and will keep us moving forward, even in these strange circumstances.

    “We have to plant the seeds, instead of eating all the apples.” - Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

    Your Band Directors,
    Brandon Kiesgen & Benjamin Sampayan




    -Fill out the Virtual Learning Consent Form

    -Auditions are now online
    -Leadership Training is now online

    -Huddle 3:00PM Wednesdays, now in Google Meet

    -If you read all this way, stay awesome:)




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