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    Position: Spanish teacher

    Room: B2

    Phone: 480-224-2432

    Email: David Montenegro

     David Montenegro

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    Bienvenidos! I am always excited for a new project as it will enhance our learning, contribute to our personal growth, meet new people and beyond. My motto is "I think highly of Payne, I think highly of myself and my students. Let's try to make this the best school year possible!

    My Education and Professional Background

    Attached are the tentative syllabus's for 7th and 8th grade Attached is the tentative syllabus for 7th grade

    I have an Associates Degree from CGCC, I obtained my BA degree from ASU in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Spanish. Moreover, I have many years of experience with working with youth. At one point, I taught boxing and I have worked as a youth care provider prior to graduating from college. I am currently in a Master's program in Educational Leadership.

    My Educational Philosophy

    My philosophy of education consists of making our teaching applicable to the real world. Because if it is not applicable, then what's the point? I find that with teaching a foreign language, I can easily achieve that and I take great pride with that. Learning a foreign language can have a monetary value and well as cognitive. Those are a few things that I will be discussing with my students. I am all about making my class relevant to the world we live in.

Last Modified on July 27, 2023