Staff and Student/Parent Responsibilities


    We are excited for our students to return to campus and begin in-person learning. While we want our kids to experience a sense of normalcy, we are committed to balancing this with reasonable safety protocols to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses. We are asking for your assistance in helping our students understand that some things will be different than they have experienced in the past. We need each student to do their part in participating safely and following our school protocols for their health and for the sake of others.

    Our ability to provide a healthy learning environment begins by ensuring that if students are not feeling well, they stay home. Please understand that per district policy, if a student exhibits any one COVID symptom they will need to return home and quarantine for ten days or until they present a negative COVID test. It is best for all if students who are not feeling well remain at home.

    As we consider our return to in-person instruction, we all have responsibilities for keeping our students, staff, and community safe. Please familiarize yourself with the following expectations.




    ·         Students will be required to wear facial coverings on campus when they are unable to socially distance

    ·         Upon arrival at each class, students will utilize hand sanitizer before beginning the period

    ·         Students will be required to wear facial coverings at all times while in the classroom

    ·         Classrooms will provide for as much space between students as possible given the number of students and available seating

    ·         Desks and other high touch surfaces within the classroom will be sanitized at the end of each class period

    ·         The focus of passing periods (4 min) will be getting to the next class period – not socialization

    ·         The number of students allowed in the restroom at one time will be limited

    ·         Students will be given the opportunity to use the restroom, and wash hands, during class as needed

    ·         High use and high touch surfaces (restrooms, door handles, sinks, tables, etc.) will undergo scheduled sanitization, throughout the school day, by our custodial team

    ·         We have expanded from three lunches to six lunches to reduce numbers in the cafeteria

    ·         Cafeteria lines will be established to provide order and distance between students

    ·         Lunch time seating will allow for greater than normal spacing between students

    ·         Students will have options for lunch activities that they feel are appropriate for them


    ·         Stay home if feeling ill

    ·         Report absences in a timely manner

    ·         Report if a student, or immediate family member, tests positive for COVID

    ·         Follow best practices for avoiding the coronavirus and other illnesses – washing hands, use hand sanitizer, social distance, wear a facial covering, etc.

    ·         Bring a facial covering and wear it at all times in the classroom and when unable to social distance on campus

    ·         Maintain social distance before school, between classes, at lunch, and after school (wear a facial covering if unable to do so)

    ·         Take advantage of opportunities to use hand sanitizer and wash hands

    ·         Move directly from one class to the next and arrive on time (limit socialization)

    ·         Adhere to limits on bathroom capacity and wait, if necessary

    ·         Avoid physical contact with other students (keep hands to self)

    ·         Adhere to expectations for spacing in the lunch line and seating in the cafeteria

    ·         Select lunch activities that contribute to individual feelings of health and safety

    ·         If not participating in an after school activity, students will be expected to leave campus immediately after dismissal

    Please note that while we want ALL of our students to remain safe and healthy there is inherently risk when gathering in large groups – like a junior high school. While we will do our best to implement mitigation strategies, there are things we will NOT be able to control.

    • Dramatically change adolescent behavior – kids are social in nature and they will want to gather and visit
    • Ensure social distancing (6 feet of separation) in the classroom, during passing periods, and at lunch – we will do our best, but this is a function of number of students and available space
    • We will provide reminders about appropriate distancing and wearing facial coverings on campus, but we are unable to ensure that these practices are followed at all times – this is a student responsibility
    • We want students to be safe, but we also want them to experience some normalcy.
    • We will encourage healthy behavior before school, between classes, and after school, but ultimately this is a student responsibility.