Unity Club Overview

  • We meet every Wednesday from 4 to 5pm in Room E46.

    Unity Club

    Mission Statement: To inspire humanity - connecting through social issues and promoting diversity and kindness.

    • Purpose: Unity Club will discuss the issues that our generation faces in the world today. Student’s will have an open platform to express their ideas and their point of views without judgement. 
    • Students will be able to discuss issues: on race, gender identity, bullying, mental heath, etc.
    • Unity club will educate Payne on these issues and promote change. 

     Goals: The goal is for all voices to be heard!

    • Students will be able to find their voice (advocate) and take a non-aggressive stance.
    • Our club will teach students to show empathy, seek justice and to stand up for equality for everyone.
    • This club will represent diversity and inclusivity for all individuals