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    Position: 7th & 8th Boys Physical Education

    Room: Gym- D7

    Phone: 480-224-2492

    Email: Pat Quinn

     Pat Quinn

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    My name is Pat Quinn and it's really exciting to be at Payne Junior High. I will be teaching Physical Education to our students here and I hope to encourage all of them to use athletic, recreational or just plain exercise activities to keep them moving and using the appendages given at birth. Movement is great for the body and mind and I hope to give each student insight on how much fun moving can be, while also showing them the benefits it will have on their overall life.

    My Education and Professional Background

    My career started right here in the CUSD during July of 1993. From that point, my journey has led me to have great moments as an elementary physical education teacher during Chandler's inaugural year of the year-round schedule at Galveston Elementary, to a junior high physical education teacher and coach at Andersen Junior high, to a high school biology and human anatomy teacher, as well as coach for football and wrestling at Hamilton High school for 19 years. My travels have led me to Payne junior high, where I hope to encourage activity and a sense of self-confidence in the students of this school utilizing both physical education and sport. I had the opportunity to coach Payne wrestling last year, as well as the golf club, and both experiences were really encouraging and enjoyable. I hope to continue building relationships with the students of this school and work well with my colleagues to continue the success at Payne Junior High.

    My Educational Philosophy

    All people are genuinely kind, caring, and considerate. I live by these values and will continue to be kind, caring and considerate to all those around me. My philosophy is to show students why passion is amazing and that failure is something that happens not something that needs to be avoided. Failure shows you how to get better, while success builds confidence in those things you are already good at and I hope to give students the chance to experience both.