• 8th Grade Flag Football


    We had a fun season!

    Even though we didn't make it through the playoffs, we had a great time this quarter.



    Let's get together to remember the good times of the season. Come to Coach Stevens' classroom Thursday from 4:15-5:00.










    Pre Order Athlete Photos Here 


    Coach Stevens



    We will be using soft shell helmets this year. If you'd like to buy your own, please check out the link below!
    There is a $20 fee that can be paid online when your student is on the team roster. 

    2019 Practices are Monday thru Thursday 4:15-5:30


    East Valley Conference website

     2019-20 EVC Q1 Game Schedule



     Criteria for Making and Staying on the Team:

    Leadership                                     Effort                             Attitude

    Enthusiasm                           Skill/Potential                           Behavior

    Sportsmanship                               Grades



      You must sign up in the front office if you want to try out and Register your Athlete for 2019-20.   

    Questions… please call 480-224-2411 or email Andrea Gapen