Do you enjoy working with numbers, shapes and puzzles?
    If you do, Math Club is right for you!
    Math Club will start in September!  Listen on Announcements!
    Payne Junior High Math Club
      Meetings will be held every other week.  
    Meetings will be from 4-5 pm in Miss O'Roark's Room E27. School Calendar
    Any student is welcome to attend.
    Last year, we attended the Math League Competition at Gilbert High School, the Excellence in Mathematics competition at Chandler Gilbert Community College and the East Valley Mathletics Competition at Newell-Barney Junior High.  We plan to attend these competitions as well this year.
       This club is for students who are enthusiastic about mathematics and enjoy fun & challenging problems!
     Math Club at Math League Competition 2015 Collaborative Problem Solving Egg Drop Contest Chandler Gilbert Community College competition CGCC Math Club Newell Barney Math Club Reed N-B
    Questions?  Please email Miss O'Roark or call (480) 224-2457.
Last Modified on July 18, 2019