House of Payne Robotics Panther 1     V-5 Robot
    Competitions:  It should be noted that this is a highly competitive robotics team, there are, at most 12-14 spots available for this team. We will participate in the following tournaments: Chandler Invitational VRC Tournament - 11/2/19; 3rd Annual House of Payne Robotics VRC Tournament 1/25/20; and two others based on team potential to qualify for State.
    Conduct: As a member of the House of Payne Robotics team you will be representing our school and our school district. It is expected that you will conduct yourself in a mature and professional manner. You will show respect to all members of the team including team mentors and parent volunteers. You will handle all team equipment in a responsible fashion. At competitions judges and other teams will be watching you to see how you interact with each other and your competitors. We will ALWAYS be respectful and helpful. If you are not able to do this you will be asked to leave. 
    1. You will give 100% during meetings, practice, and competitions.  
    2. You will listen to directions from the coach and volunteers.
    3. You will be a team player and exhibit good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, and work to resolve challenges at meetings, practice, and competitions.  
    4. You are representing the students, staff, and faculty of Payne Junior High and Chandler Unified School District as well as yourselves and your family.  Choose to build others up.  Be a role model.  Be respectful. DO your homework, turn it in on time, go to tutoring if needed.  Follow rules and expectations, be on time to classes.   
    5. You will maintain a B average in each class and/or turn all work in, on time, to the best of your ability.
    6. If you are assigned before/after school tutoring or to a Study Skills class, you must go to tutoring or to Study Skills class.
    7. Wear team t-shirt on Thursday or Friday and to all competitions.
    8. Parents will pick student up promptly at 5:00 on Thursday or have them ride bus home. If student is not picked up by 5:10 more than once, student will be asked to step down from the team.
    Fees: There are fees associated with this club in order to offset cost of equipment and competitions. 
    Grades: You must maintain a B average in every class you are taking. Teachers will be contacted frequently for behavior and grades.  If you struggle in these areas, consequences could be a loss of participation time or removal from the team. 
    Practices:  You must show up to every meeting, practice, and event.  Meetings and practices are on Thursdays after school from 4:00-5:00 and on Friday mornings from 7:30-8:30, but may be held on other days/times as needed.  If you can't make it to a practice, you need to notify your coach in advance
    Application, references from previous year teacher, and interview required to join.
    Applications are due by 8/2/19.
    Tryouts will be Thursday, August 1st and 8th from 4:00 - 5:00. August 8th is a mandatory tryout. If your student wants to be on the team, they have to be at that tryout.
    There are 5:00 buses home for students who ride the bus to school.
    On Wednesday, August 14th at 5:00 in room B10, parents of new & returning members are expected to attend an informational meeting.
    Dana Hansen



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