7th Boys Baseball

    You must register your athlete online with your AIA paperwork via the RMA link on our main Athletics page here
    Reconditioning October 14th, 15th and 16th
    Equipment needed:
    Water bottle
    Athletic clothes
    Athletic shoes or rubber cleats if you have them
    Boys can store their equipment bags in the wrestling room during the day.  Bring them to the wrestling room before 1st period.  The wrestling room is located in the lobby to the gym.
    2020 Tryouts Schedule:
    October 14-16:  Reconditioning 4:00 - 5:15p (suggested, but not required!)
    October 19-21:  Tryouts 4:00 - 5:30p
    Equipment needed for tryouts:
    Water Bottle
    Shirt we can write a number on
    Baseball pants
    Rubber cleats or athletic shoes
    Batting helmet if you have one
    Catchers gear if your a catcher
    2020-21  Practice times are 4:10 - 5:45, Monday through Thursday except game days.  Friday's practices will be from 7:30 - 8:40am (except for 10/23 practice will be 4:05 - 5:45p))  
    2020-21 Q1 EVC Game Schedule - Game times are 3:30p starting Nov. 2
    Please have all gear needed to complete a full practice. There will be a storage closet in the wrestling room available to store your bag during the school day.... No metal cleats will be allowed. 
    **Tryouts are closed to everyone except those participating**

    We will plan a Team/Individual Picture Day after school on November 4th, look for an order form to come home after your student is on the roster. The coaches will plan a parent meeting for Friday, October 23rd at 5:45p on the field just after practice!

    Thank you,

    Coach Durst

    Questions… please call Ms. Andrea at 480-224-2411 or email Coach

     PJHS Baseball

Last Modified on November 2, 2020