• Advanced Placement

          Our belief at Basha High School is that all students enrolled in an AP course take the corresponding AP exam.  Our primary focus remains providing access to AP curriculum for every student at Basha, while providing solid instruction and support to foster academic success with these rigorous curricula.  Scoring well on an AP exam can often earn college credit for the course and save significant money on tuition.  Universities review high school transcripts for honors, AP classes and AP test scores for admission and credit approval.

         There have been significant changes to the AP Exam registration process this year. 

    Students will register for AP tests at https://myap.collegeboard.org/login.   Students will receive a join code from their AP teacher for every AP class for which they are enrolled. However, if your child is a continuing AP student, please use the account that he or she had previously created to register.  Please register before August 16, 2019.  There will be a seperate window in the spring ONLY for students taking 2nd semester Econ or Gov.

    Once registered, please pay for your exams at the Basha High bookstore or through the IC parent portal (under More, choose In Touch Fee Payments, select your student, items at student's school, testing, AP Exams, quantity and buy).  AP exam fees are $95 per test and are tax credit eligible.  All payments are due by October 18, 2019.   After October 18, a $40 late fee will be charged. 

    AP testing dates will be Monday, May 4 through Friday, May 15, 2020. 



    Register through College Board - NOW through August 16

    Pay $95 per exam in the Bookstore or through the parent portal - NOW through Oct. 18

    Pay $135 per exam in the bookstore or through the parent portal - Oct. 18 through November 8

    Last day to pay (must already be registered) - November 8

    Exams - Monday May 4 through Friday May 15, 2020

        If you have any questions, please contact myself or my assistant at 480-224-2128.



    Dr. Gary Fujino

    Assistant Principal



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