• Basha Academic Decathlon Class and Team


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    Welcome to the Home Page for Basha High School's Academic Decathlon Class and Team. In the 2019-2020 school year we are excited to offer Academic Decathlon as an Honors English Elective Credit. The class meets during 0 Hour (6:25 to 7:20 AM), Monday through Friday, in Room #F220.
    State Team 2019


    All study materials for the class and team, with the exception of the Language and Literature selected work, are currently accessible online! Students will be provided with an individualized log-in which they will use to access materials on the following site: https://usad.enlyght.com/tc/

    The selected work of literature for the 2018-2019 curriculum year will be Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Students are expected to obtain a copy of this work of literature for use at home and in the classroom.  If obtaining the work of literaturel is a challenge, please advise Mr. Johnson. 

    As a team, our goal this year is to exceed all prior achievements by Academic Decathlon teams from Basha High School, performing at a high-level in the Regional Competition at Hamilton High School in February 2020, earning the right to compete in the Arizona State Competition in March 2020 and, with a lot of hard work, potentially being the school to represent the state of Arizona in the National Competition, which will be held in April 2020.