• About Mrs. Rutherford...

    Position: CTE Medical Professions Instructor and Registered Nurse

    Team/Department: CTE

    Room: H104

    Phone: 224-2314

    Email: Mrs. Rutherford

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    Welcome to the Medical Professions Program!

    The Program is divided into Medical Professions 1 and Medical Professions 2.

    Med Pro 1 will introduce you to the numerous options that exist in the medical field while laying the foundation you will need to complete your CNA/LNA while in high school. Med Pro 2 is focused on giving you the necessary skills you will need to sit for the Nursing Assistant Exam and applying those skills in a clinical setting with patients/residents.

    Med Pro 1 covers topics such as:
    Healthcare Careers
    Medical Terminology
    Human Needs and Development
    Infection Control
    Safety and Emergency Care
    Body Systems and Anatomy

    Med Pro 2 covers topics such as:
    Physical Exams
    Vital Signs
    Personal Care
    Bedmaking and Unit Care
    Safely positioning and moving patients/residents
    Body Systems and Anatomy
    End of Life Care
    CNA/LNA Job and Career prep

    My Education and Professional Background

    My love of teaching has been full throughout my nursing career. 

    While I was in nursing school,I was the chair of my Student Nurses Association Mentor/Mentee Program. I graduated with my Bachelors in Nursing Science with a minor in Biology from Northern Arizona University. I started my career as an RN in Alaska, where I stayed for 3 years as a Cardiac RN before coming back to Arizona. I specialized in Critical Care and Trauma/Neuro Intensive Care. In the hospital, I trained new nurses, nursing students, and nursing assistants and it was one of my favorite parts of being a Nurse. 

    When the pandemic hit, my love for teaching nursing had to take a break. I took care of Arizona's sickest COVID-19 patients all over the valley as an ICU Travel Nurse. 

    This year will be my second year teaching at Basha High School, and I am so excited for another year!  

    My Educational Philosophy

    My Educational Philosophy is that there is no such thing as dumb questions! I encourage natural curiosity and opportunities to grow as a medical professional. I focus on breaking down complex concepts to make them easy to understand while building up confidence to succeed "in the real world" of Healthcare.

Mrs Rutherford