• Congratulations Seniors! We will miss you! 

    Happy Summer Break! We do hope you all come back re-freshed and ready to do your Beary Best in the 2021-22 school year!

    Summer School Information 
    For Chandler Online Academy (COA), the registration closed on May 28.  For questions regarding logging in or for second session, contact Whiteneck.brenda@cusd80.com or clark.andelyn@cusd80.com.
    For Credit Recovery Summer Academy, registration closes on June 2.  For questions regarding logging in or the open lab, or to register for a class,  contact Community Education at 480-224-3912 or 480-224-3919.    Thank you.

    There has been a change on the Lumberjack Scholarship beginning for the 2022-23 school year. Please go to In-State Public Universities and see all that has changed.


    The free ACT will be given to all Juniors on March 1, 2022!


    Continued updates from the Chandler Unified District will be posted online at www.cusd80.com/COVID19

    TECH SUPPORT:  The Ed tech team put together a website focused on resources for students/parents. Lots of these resources include technology support resources, so this may be a helpful resource for parents, students or yourself. Please share with your staff.  You must be in open this link in Google.


    CUSD requires an internet consent form to be completed for each student in our live sessions. Please log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account to make any necessary changes to your family's account. Once you log into your account, please click on "More" on the bottom left of your portal and then click on "Annual Update and New Student Registration". If you are using the app, click the three lines on the top left, click on "More", and then click on "Annual Update and New Student Registration".

     Please sign up for the following to stay in touch with your student's academic progress:

     --follow us on Twitter  @bashacounseling
     Click on your student folder on the left on this site to see what each class is up to.
    Student Password Instructions
    Click here for instructions on how to set up your student password for 2019-20 from home.
    Click here for instructions on how to open your computer account with password recovery.
    Student Grade Access
    How to check your student's grades:
    All students need to reset their Infinite Campus portal access code each year. 
    Step 1:  enter user ID, S123456 (s and their personal student ID number)
    Step 2:  enter password, s123456! (! after their ID number and s must be lower case)
    --Criteria for password is 8 letters with number(s).  Please choose a password student will remember.
    Also, register on Inifinite Campus so that students may reset their own passwords if needed.