•  Please keep an eye on the website for when Bear Down Days will be.  We realize this is a fluid time and we will be posting more on this site as we find out new developments for our state. 

    Continued updates from the Chandler Unified District will be posted online at www.cusd80.com/COVID19


    Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please take care of your student for us.  We are missing them.


    BHS Counselors


    Attention Parents:  Check our our new informational CUSD Cares Podcasts:  https://www.cusd80.com/Page/100703

     Please sign up for the following to stay in touch with your student's academic progress:

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    Click on your student folder on the left on this site to see what each class is up to.
    Student Password Instructions
    Click here for instructions on how to set up your student password for 2019-20 from home.
    Click here for instructions on how to open your computer account with password recovery.
    Student Grade Access
    How to check your student's grades:
    All students need to reset their Infinite Campus portal access code each year. 
    Step 1:  enter user ID, S123456 (s and their personal student ID number)
    Step 2:  enter password, s123456! (! after their ID number and s must be lower case)
    --Criteria for password is 8 letters with number(s).  Please choose a password student will remember.
    Also, register on Inifinite Campus so that students may reset their own passwords if needed.