• Registration for the 23-24 school year will be in January. If you do not have an English class please make sure you see your counselor during January. We want you to drive the bus when it comes to choosing your classes and not your counselor!

    SUMMER SCHOOL INFORMATION FOR 2023--the counselor inputs the class(es) requested but the parent completes the registration using the link that is sent from CUSD No Reply. If you are not receiving an email please unblock the CUSD No Reply and check your junk email. No class is reserved until the parent completes the registration. Often times, the counselor has to put the summer class into the schedule for the new year as a precautionary measure, so it is imperative the student email the counselor after the summer class is passed and the grade is entered in the transcript to make all adjustments on the schedule. 

    Click here for information regarding credit recovery in person and online with COA.

    Click here for a list of courses available for credit recovery.

    Click here for information in Spanish.


    Seniors! Go to your senior folder to learn more about FAFSA!  It is time to register if you are attending college fall 23-24

    Freshmen, Junior and Senior units are now completed for this school year. To view the PowerPoint please go to the appropriate grade level folder on the left of this site. 

    CUSD College Fair was September 22 from 6-8 PM!  We hope you were able to attend.

    PSAT Information--now completed for this school year

    Your student should have created an account with College Board. That is how they receive their results.

    Schedule Changes for 22-23 School Year

    If you want to take a class online with Chandler Online Academy and you did not register for it back in January 2022, you may still choose to take an online class for semester 2 but please clear it with your counselor. 

    All freshmen, sophomores and juniors must be enrolled in 6 classes combined with COA and BHS; a 7th class combo with COA and BHS means a payment to COA must be made through COA using this link (please note that using the above part time link for a 7th class will only delay the process):

    tuition payer application for COA:


    Dual credit   

    Click Embedded.advisor@cgc.edu for information. Stacy Williams with CGCC can answer specific questions on Tuesday and Thursday each week in the Career Center, C201.

    Open House

    July 21st was Open House. Counselor Thompson will give a presentation at 5 PM in the auditorium--How to navigate high school for the students and their parents. Please plan to be in attendance and spread the word! If you missed the show, you may view it here but it won't be nearly as entertaining as the live production!

    Infinite Campus and Google Classrooms

    Click here for instructions on how to access Infinite Campus and Google Classrooms. 
    Graduation Criteria
    ( These criteria are for high school graduation only)
    4 English credits
    4 Math credits
    3 Lab Science credits
    3 required Social Studies credits
    1 PE credit--3 semesters of marching band, 3 semesters of ROTC, 2 semesters of dance also meet criteria 
    .5 Comprehensive Health class
    1 Fine Art credit or 1 CTE credit
    5.5 Elective credits
    Civics Exam passing score required (Click here to learn more)