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Position: AP Chemistry, Honors Science Research, and Honors Science Research - Science is Fun
Room: C-214
Phone: (480) 224-2180
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I am excited to be able to share the fun of scientific discovery with the students at Basha! I enjoyed scientific discovery throughout my 30 year research and teaching career at Arizona State University, where I co-founded, directed and taught Science is Fun (http://le-csss.asu.edu/scienceisfun ). In the process, I developed a passion to bring the excitement of discovery to the high school classroom. I have had a great ten years at Basha and look forward to many more fun and exciting years!

My Education and Professional Background

Michael McKelvy enjoyed scientific discovery throughout his 30-year career at Arizona State University (ASU), where he earned his M.S. and PhD in Solid State/Physical Chemistry, directed the Goldwater Materials Science Laboratories, and ran research groups funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and National Science Foundation. He also co-founded and directed ASU's Science is Fun program, which has brought the excitement of scientific discovery to over 100,000 K-12 students across central Arizona and beyond (http://le-csss.asu.edu/scienceisfun). In 2007 he retired from ASU to teach at Basha High School, where he founded Science is Fun-Basha (http://bashascienceisfun.com/). He was named the 2013 Arizona Teacher of the Year at the Governor's Celebration of Innovation. In 2015 he received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

My Educational Philosophy

Success is a journey. Enabling students to identify essential knowledge, know what they don't know, and gain that knowledge is the first step. Empowering them with the critical thinking skills to apply that knowledge, analyze, evaluate, and problem solve and ultimately discover, create, and innovate is the second. Every student has the ability to succeed. Empowering them is the goal. To accomplish this, I lead by example, being available to help students before school, during lunch and my prep period, after school, and on select weekends. Success is the only acceptable option. Most importantly, learning should be fun! Students love fun, real-life, hands-on and minds-on activities. They look forward to class and want to learn more. Science IS Fun is central to instruction, as well as the Science is Fun Program I founded (http://bashascienceisfun.com/), in which numerous high-school interns present fun, exciting, minds-on science explorations to K-8 students district-wide and beyond.

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