What is Dungeon's and Dragons?

  • Dungeons and Dragons (shortened to "D&D" or "DnD") is a Tabletop Roleplay Game (TTRPG). It started with a geeky group of friends, wanting to play in fantasy worlds built by the like of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. After some time, they configured a TTRPG that allowed them to control impossible characters in an impossible world, with grounded mechanics. Ability scores (like strength, charisma, intelligence, etc.) represent the skills these heroes would have, while rolling dice simulate the unpredictable nature of reality. Together, this group of friends would create what many consider to be the best game in the world.


    CLICK THIS LINK for a video, describing D&D in five minutes.

How Do I Play D&D?

  • If you click THIS LINK, it will take you to a Google Site I've been working on for the club. It's got character information and how to play.

What Other Resources Do You Have?

  • We also have a Google Classroom that has books, PDF files, pictures, and more! CLICK HERE for the link.