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Welcome to the Foundation of education! We will only innovate for the future by understanding the past!!! I am excited to take this journey with all of you!

My Education and Professional Background

History is my passion! passing down understanding and themes through generation is absolutely fascinating to me. In this we are a part of the the oldest form of civilization! I embarked on my journey and love for this occupation through my father and family. I took that love through my Bachelors Degree at ASU (Go Devils) and my Masters Degree at NAU (Go Jacks). Fulfilling my life long goal of being apart of moving the future forward I became a teacher. This is my 5th year teaching. My first year was spent at Perry High School ( I had a change of heart). then had a opportunity to fulfill another goal of mine, to give back internationally, I was fortunate to spend a year teaching in Taiwan. Once I was home I spent 2 years at Horizon High School. Where I know have come back home to Chandler and I can't be more excited to give back to a community that has given me so much. I look forward to teaching, coaching and continuing to grow with all the lifelong learners here at Basha High School!

My Educational Philosophy

Education is more than just knowing information. Education is understanding the world around you. Education is an experience . Education does not cease when we leave the classroom. Students are consistently learning, evolving into lifelong learners . Understanding how all the different disciplines connect together is key to a well educated person. Application of that understanding can change the World!!!! Why not go change the World?!?!?

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