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Position: CYB 120 Intro to computer systems, CSC-305 AP Java– Computer Science A, CSC -125 AP Computer Science Principles, CYB -300 Linux Administration (RHEL)
Room: K - 105
Phone: 480-224-2345
Email: Tamboli

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I am excited to teach Computer Science and Cyber courses in an enriching and encouraging atmosphere here at Cyber Academy at BHS. In various courses, Students will learn from computing basics like binary systems to modern AI, AR technology basics, Computer hardware components and software development life cycle, Programming - Object Oriented methodologies, Application - game designing using AppLab, and Linux Operating system Administration. Be prepared to be empowered by knowledge and skills.

My Education and Professional Background

I was born and brought up in India in a small – visually breathtaking place called Kolhapur in the state of Maharashtra. I have a Masters in Computer Applications from India. I spent several years in industry as a software developer. However, teaching was always my true passion from early on. So, when I had some opportunities to teach last few years. It made me look into teaching as a full-time career and here I am. I am CTE and STEM certified in Computer Science. My 12 years of industry experience includes: Result oriented development in the application software systems using variety of programming languages, DBMS systems and Microsoft tools and technologies in full software development life cycle. Working in Agile/SCRUM environment, Research, and implementation of third-party tools. Analyze and debug existing code to enhance functionality, scale to different parameter (different version of tool, DBMS etc.)

My Educational Philosophy

I like to encourage students to ask themselves 'What's Next?' enabling planning and execution. I believe in 'turning students' wheels' to develop creative problem-solving techniques and skills. I understand that students really do care about the subject and learning when they are supported and positively encouraged. You will find my classroom environment be interactive collaborative as I feel it is important that students take initiative as they are the architects of tomorrow's digital world.

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