Welcome to Air Force JROTC at Basha High School!  


     Our JROTC unit, AZ-20051, welcomes students from Basha and nearby Perry High School & Casteel High School!
     USAF Thunderbirds
    AFJROTC is a team sport.  Just as the USAF Thunderbirds exhibit discipline, precision and incredible teamwork, our cadets also work together as an incredibly dedicated team. 
    Two instructors, with over 50 years of combined experience, manage Basha's JROTC program. Click below to for more information about these two leaders.

    The success of the AFJROTC program lies in its academic foundation, which continues to be progressive and academically sound. The curriculum is divided into three areas of emphasis – Aerospace Science, Leadership Education/Drill and Physical Fitness/Wellness. Our unit balances all three areas to meet the particular needs and abilities of their students.

    Students who complete at least 2-3 years of the AFJROTC academic program may earn a certificate of training and may be eligible to enter the military at a higher rank compared to most other enlistees.  Because we strive to add as many useful tools (life skills) to each student's "toolbox" before graduation, AFJROTC cadets are better prepared to succeed in a complex and highly technical world--either in military service or in civilian industry.

    Air Force JROTC is a continuing success story.  It has grown and touched the lives of thousands of America’s finest students.  The program positively influences our country by helping one student at a time.  The future is full of opportunity for young people who develop the education and skills required to succeed in the Aerospace Age.
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