• picoCTF (Capture the Flag) Link to picoCTF site pico logo

    To celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, picoCTF 2020 is a month-long mini-competition consisting of a challenge sampling of intermediate difficulty reverse engineering, forensics, web and binary exploitation problems.

    Qualification: Must be 13 years old to enter and if under 18, you need parental/guardian permission - no prior knowledge necessary

    Link to picoCTF 2020 Mini-Competition

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  • IBM Presents! Cyber Day 4 Girls - Event Registration and Information: This event series is cyber4girls Logo designed to introduce girls to the field of cybersecurity,  including tips for staying safe online, the importance of securing the internet of things, a glimpse at career opportunities, and an introduction to cryptography.

    Dates: Sept, 18, Sept 25, Oct. 2 and Oct 9 (all Virtual)

    Click on this link for information and registration Cyber Day 4 Girls Info

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  • Welcome to the Institute for Cyber Operations and Networking (ICON)! Allow me a moment to welcome you and your student(s) to the program!

    Welcome to BHS Cyber Letter pdf logo

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  • BHS is a Cisco Academy and Red Hat Academy! Our curriculum for networking and Linux classes comes straight from industry-leading companies! We are also a CompTIA Academy Partner. Basha High School is leading the way as a technology hub for our district students.Industry Logos on Hallway Wall

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  • BHS banner

    Welcome to the Cybersecurity Program Homepage ICON Logo

    What is cybersecurity?

    Basically, the tools and steps we take to keep equipment, such as computers, networks and other information safe, yet available to the people and customers who need them and stop those who shouldn't have access.

    If you have more questions about what Cybersecurity is, the possibilities, careers offered our video will give a great simplistic view of this growing field. Watch it now! Click here for the Cybersecurity video

    Why is this program so important that we would set aside funds, equipment and resources?

    There is not a single place in the developed world that cybersecurity isn't a concern, not just for computers and networks but vulnerabilities within infrastructure. There is a global, national and local shortage of workers - millions of people are needed in this field. It is estimated we will be 3.5 million people short by 2021. The unemployment rate is 0%.

    This field offers something for everyone. There are skilled positions, two-year and four-year degree options and they all pay very well.

    Basha High School has partnered with Chandler Gilbert Community College and the University of Arizona - Chandler to provide a dual enrollment pathway, starting in high school for students interested in computers and cybersecurity. We have done so to make a conscious effort to help meet the employment needs in our community and state. 

    Please check out our cybersecurity program for your student. We need everyone! 

    Use this link to indicate interest to participate someone will follow up with you via email.

    If you missed the
    CyBEAR Information Night on February 6, 2020

    Please click on this link to read through the informational presentation shared pdf