• ALL Basha High Parents

    We strongly encourage everyone to register in our Schoolwires system in order to provide you with helpful information that you can specifically tailor to meet your needs. Schoolwires is used district wide and will allow you to customize the information you receive from your choice of schools.  (You can scroll down this page now for an illustrated document directions of how to do this.) 
    Why should I register?
    • You can subscribe to any sections of our website in which you are interested, and receive E-Alerts by email whenever there is important news!
    • Our Career Center sends out information specific to your graduating class so you will know what is happening and when!
    • Teachers will let you know when their webpages contain new information such as lessons, notes and test dates!

    If you haven't already registered on our website, it's easy to do and the document linked below will show you how.
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    If you have already registered in on our website (either because you have a child at another Chandler school, or because you registered last year) -- that's great! This document will also show you how to login and change your subscriptions to the sections that most interest you.
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    NOTE: If you can't remember if you've registered already or not, that's OK. It won't hurt anything to register again for a new account, but there is also a button that will send your login information to you, if you have forgotten it.  If you don't remember your userid, contact the BHS Webmaster HERE for help!
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    For a document with illustrated instructions, including embedded clickable links,
    click here.

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