• Early Childhood Education

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     Some of the Topics 
    In Early Childhood

    Students learn about:
    Child development
    Health & safety
    Guiding Behavior
    Brain Development
    College & Careers
    Early Literacy & Storytelling
    Lesson planning
    Observation skills
    RealCare Baby Project
    Work-based learning experiences through the on-campus childcare center, local elementary schools, and the Basha Public Library
    What courses are offered?
    Early Childhood Education I
    9-12 Full year, 1 credit
    This course addresses basic child development, health & safety, observation skills as well as careers in early childhood professions.
    Early Childhood Education II
    Grades 10-12 Full year, 1 credit
    This course will focus on employment in early education settings, college course work, and management of childcare programs as well as field experience at the early elementary level.
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    Early Childhood Professions I 
    Grades 11-12 Full year, 1 credit
    This course will focus on classroom managment, internship experience, and preparing for the CDA - Child Development Associate - A National Early Childhood Credential or the Praxis ParaPro Certificate.
    Early Childhood Professional II 
    Grade 12 Full year, 1 credit
    This course will focus on completing requirements for the National Credential - Child Development Associate or Praxis ParaPro Certificate.
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    Why should I take this class?
    This is what some students have to say...                             
    “It’s fun-everyday” –     Carlos
    “The little kids are cute” – Marissa
    “Lots of cool projects” – Halee
    baby project
      How can I earn college credit? 
    Dual Enrollment is available through Chandler Gilbert Community College
    Students can earn college credits when taking Early Childhood Classes. 
    Email Mrs. Alexander for more information!
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    *All years include an internship with the on-campus
    child care center
    *Scholarships are available