8th Grade Flag Football


    We had a fun season!

    Even though we didn't make it through the playoffs, we had a great time this quarter.



    Let's get together to remember the good times of the season. Come to Coach Stevens' classroom Thursday from 4:15-5:00.






    THURSDAY evening all players who have made the team will be  notified on this website so check the results sometime after 6:30pm.

     What is needed for tryouts?

    1.)  Cleats

    2.)  Sunscreen

    3.)  Workout shorts and shirt

    4.)  Water bottle

    We will be providing water for all the players but to decrease the cups on the ground PLEASE have kids bring a water bottle to fill with the water we provide.

    Players can change into practice clothes in the locker room and then head to the football field for practice.  Please No parents at our tryouts!


    Criteria for Making and Staying on the Team:

    Leadership                                     Effort                             Attitude

    Enthusiasm                           Skill/Potential                           Behavior

    Sportsmanship                               Grades



     All practices will be held on Monday-Thursday from 4:15-5:30pm unless it is a game day.



    Coach Stevens