Register My Athlete

  • *For the 2021-22 School year, all AIA Physical packets must be dated after March 1, 2021 AND be on the AIA 2021-22 forms (USE THE PHYSICAL PACKET BELOW!) * 

    1. Athletic clearance packets are uploaded electronically at "Register My Athlete". All forms you need to clear your student can be viewed, signed electronically, and the additional required forms (AIA physical forms, consent to treat, concussion forms, COVID waiver) can be uploaded to your account via .pdf  We can NOT accept the hard copy of the packet!
    2. You must submit all documents electronically PRIOR to the first day of tryouts for your chosen sport. You will be able to register for EACH sport they are interested in playing as part of the registration process. Pick any and all sports that you think your student will be interested in! 
    3. Please make sure you are selecting the correct grade for the specified school year.
    4. If you've already registered your student for a sport but they now want to try another one during the current school year, CLICK HERE to learn how to Register for a New Sport.

    You should print and take the following forms to your Physician and then go to Register My Athlete to start a new registration.  You must register for each sport that your student is interested in! 

    There is only 1 link for you to upload these 7 forms into RMA... they will be rejected if this is not complete!


     2021-22 AIA 15.7 A, B, C and D Physical Packet  (7 pages total)


    This packet must be used for 2021-22 even if you already have a physical on the 20-21 AIA forms dated after March 1, 2021

        **UPDATE FROM RMA: their system will not allow 7 pages to be uploaded under a single link if it's a .jpg file. Please try to use a scanner app ("Notes" for Apple phones and "Google Drive" for Androids)  **

     Questions regarding the RegisterMyAthlete process must be directed to Register My Athlete technical support: or call 435-213-1601. Many questions can be answered by clicking on the "Need Help?" icon on the left side of the page.


Last Modified on July 27, 2021