• Learning Scales
    It's time for some self-reflection....... 
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    On this page, I will post the learning scales that students will use to evaluate their learning progress. Research indicates that if students are given the opportunity to monitor their own progress, they will be more successful at attaining their goals.

     This is a learning scale that we are currently using for sentence fluency.  Students will be writing narrative pieces, and they will evaluate their writing for these qualities.




    ·         Sentences are different lengths and structures.

    ·         Sentences begin a variety of different ways, even

    ·         with adverbs and prepositional phrases, which creates a unique voice.

    ·         Transition words are natural sounding and create a flow of writing.


    ·         Sentences are a variety of lengths.

    ·         Sentences begin a variety of different ways.

    ·         Transition words move the reader through the piece.


    ·         Some sentences are different lengths.

    ·         Some sentences begin in different ways.

    ·         Some transition words are used.


    ·         Almost all sentences are the same length.

    ·         Almost all sentences begin the same way.

    ·         Very few transition words are used.

Last Modified on July 24, 2016