• Before you can log into the textbook you MUST change your password - every year they are reset - follow the directions below to do this from home - then log in to the book and make sure it works - if you need help ask ASAP in class.

    Student Passwords From Home


    The textbook we will be using is called Big Ideas Math: Algebra 1 or Big Ideas Math: Algebra 2.  Everyone has access to the textbook online - follow the directions below to access it.

    Students have their OWN login and password to access the textbook and all the resources that come with it.  There are videos to help explain the concepts, live tutoring,  along with a lot of other helpful tools.  Students will login through Clever or Infinite Campus.  

    Go to Big Ideas Math

    Click on Log in With Clever

    Click on Login with Active Directory

    enter your username and password 


    Password: sID#!  (unless you have changed it - it is the password you use to login to the computers on campus)

    You should see your name in the upper right hand corner

    To get to the actual book pages cllick on the Student Dynamic E-Book App


    If at any time you are having trouble logging in through Infinite Campus or Clever - you can always access a free version of just the book by following the instructions below - this way you can still do your homework on time!

    After you click the link below select the link at the bottom of the screen that says View Easy Access Materials.  This will take you to a different page where you need to choose COMMON CORE HS under the drop down menu for program.  Click GO.  Then click on the book for your class.

    Big Ideas Math