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    1. In an attempt to streamline the athletic clearance process, CUSD is going paperless! You will now complete the athletic clearance packet electronically at "Register My Athlete". All forms can be viewed and signed electronically, and the additional required forms (AIA physical forms, consent to treat and concussion forms) can be uploaded to your account via .pdf or .jpg (suggestion-- download a scanning app to your phone, i.e. QR Reader if you don't have access to a stand alone Scanner).  We do NOT need the hard copy of the packet!
    2. Please read the Step by Step Instructions for Parents to register your students for athletic clearance for the school year. It is strongly recommended that all documents be submitted electronically PRIOR to the break that precedes your child's sport season. You will be able to register for EACH sport they are interested in playing as part of the registration process. Pick any and all sports that you think your student will be interested in! 
    3. Please make sure you are putting in the correct grade for the specified school year.
    4. The good news is this is a one time registration for your student as long as they stay in CUSD! You will just need to upload the physical forms each year.    (Tip: Upload each of the 4 forms individually but include all 3 pages of 15.7A as one upload!)

    You may print and take the following forms to your Physician (do NOT use the forms they offer at their office, they are often incorrect) and then go to Register My Athlete to start a new registration.  You must register for each sport that your student is interested in! 



    Questions regarding the RegisterMyAthlete process must be directed to Register My Athlete technical support: or call 435-213-1601. Many questions can be answered by clicking on the "Need Help?" icon on the left side of the page.



    Click here for Athletics Forms (Register My Athlete)

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