• Welcome

    Hello English 9 students and parents!

     I'm going to use a website called planbook to download my lessons, assignments, and notes that we've done in class. The other websites we will use in class are below with class codes for logging in. Some things may change, so check back daily to keep track of any new assignments or lessons.


    ~Ms. Reiter


    • To see the syllabus, click here: English 9 Syllabus 2020
    • To see lesson plans and handouts, click here: Planbook! 
    • Use this code for planbook: 12974994
    • Google classroom codes:
      • Period1: klgqpfz
      • Period2: nhsxpzo
      • Period4: tycjzvw
      • Period5: 3hqiqmg
      • Period6:  dtverm2
    • Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/
      • Sign in with your gse.cusd80.com email.
      • Click on "join or create class" on the left
      • To join the class, search for Ms.Reiter- Period#-English 9 (enter the period # that you are in)
      • Click "join class"
    • Membean: https://membean.com/
      • Period1: B5SQCAD
      • Period2: B5SQDAT
      • Period4: B5SQBBQ
      • Period5: B5SQAUF
      • Period6: B5SQCMC
    • Newsela: https://newsela.com/
    • Log in with your gse.cusd80.com email. If you need to, enter these codes according to your period:
      • Period1: 62KJK7
      • Period2: WG5SJT
      • Period4: ZKC6UM
      • Period5: GD7CZE
      • Period6: 9XU27H
    • TurnItIn: https://www.turnitin.com/
      • Period1: 23182316
      • Period2: 23182325
      • Period4: 23182332
      • Period5: 23182334
      • Period6: 23194927

    See you in class!