• Welcome

    **Updated as of 3/30/2020**

    Hello English 9 students and parents!

    I know this is a confusing and stressful time for all of us. I'm going to do my best to be available to all of you and answer your questions as best I can, so please be patient as we are all learning together through this.

    I'm going to use Google Classroom to upload acitivities and announcements. Please check it during the week for updates. 

    The other websites we will use and/or possibly use in class are below with class codes for logging in.

    Some things may change, so check back daily to keep track of any new lessons.

    Thank you!

    ~Ms. Reiter



    • Google classroom codes:
      • Period1: fxnhcxg
      • Period2: tszi2mc
      • Period4: 7dkkugi
      • Period5: zelmxmx
      • Period6:  zodybbg
    • Newsela: https://newsela.com/
    • Log in with your gse.cusd80.com email. If you need to, enter these codes according to your period:
      • Period1: 62KJK7
      • Period2: WG5SJT
      • Period4: ZKC6UM
      • Period5: GD7CZE
      • Period6: 9XU27H
    • Flipgrid: 
      • https://flipgrid.com/reiter01
      • https://flipgrid.com/reiter02
      • https://flipgrid.com/reiter04
      • https://flipgrid.com/reiter05
      • https://flipgrid.com/reiter06

    See you in class!