• SENIORS & NON-RETURNING CADETS: Please begin preparing for uniform return. All dark blue items require dry cleaning (plz turn in with dry cleaning tags/bag intact). Light blue shirts/ABUs can be washed according to the instructions on the shirt tag. Here's a list of items that must be returned:
    - Dress Blue Jacket (Dry Clean)
    - Dress blue pants (Dry Clean)
    - Blue windbreaker (Dry Clean)
    - Light blue shirts (Short sleeve and long sleeve) (Wash)
    - ABU Shirt and Pants (Wash)
    - Cadet Ranks (cloth and metal)
    - Belts may be returned (Optional)
    *Please contact me or MSgt Johnson if you will have difficulty dry cleaning items.

    YOU KEEP: Ribbons & ribbon racks, name tags, Blue/ABU covers, shoes, tie/tie tab, PT Gear

    Return date to be announced soon.